Russia's Cyrillic domain celebrates second anniversary
N 18 May 2012

Russia's Cyrillic domain celebrates second anniversary

Russia’s Cyrillic domain, .rf, has celebrated its second anniversary. The domain was delegated to Russia by ICANN on 12th May, 2010.
In four months after ICANN’s decision, only priority users, such as government and public institutions, could register their websites in the Cyrillic zone. In late 2011, registration was opened to everybody, and as many as 700,000 new domain names signed up.
Th figure hasn’t changed much since then. According to Coordination Center for TLD RU/RF, there are currently 800,000 names registered in the.rf zone (30,000 down from May 2011). Cyrillic domain is far from catching up with the, 18 years old and boasting more than 3.7 million registered names.
Non-latin upper level domains exist in many countries, including China, Iran, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan and India, among others.