Russian mobile ad market surpasses $60 m
N 14 November 2012

Russian mobile ad market surpasses $60 m

Russia's mobile advertising market will reach $60.8 m in value by the end of 2012, and grown up to $215.8 m by 2015, researches from J'son & Partners Consulting predict. The study also claims that global mobile ad market will quadruple by 2016, reaching $ 30.11 bn. Russia's share is currently below 1%, analysts say.

Mobile advertising market includes on-screen, contextual adverts and advertising messages, but not development of promo applications, SMS-marketing, loyalty schemes and mobile social network marketing.

The advancement of 3G and LTE, as well as the expansion of smart phones are the main drivers for mobile advertising market, while technical, legal and reputational risks that come with bulk SMS messaging are the main hindrances for the market's development, analysts at J'son & Partners say.

One peculiar thing about Russia's mobile ad market is that mobile operators sell adverts to end clients directly. J'Son & Partners study divides market players in four groups: mobile operators (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Rostelecom, Tele2, etc.); on-screen and contextual ad players (Yandex, Google, Mai.Ru, Begun, etc.); service and content providers (PlayMobile, Infon, MobileDirect, SPN DIgital, etc.); and mobile advertising agencies (Promo Interactive, Infon, among others).

In Russia, advertising messages are the largest market segment, with a 60% share. Analysts believe the segment will maintain its leadership for a few years, and then start losing its positions to on-screen and app advertising.