VK begins third-party advert network test
N 15 November 2012

VK begins third-party advert network test

Popular Russian social network VKontakte has begun testing an advertising network for third-party sites, Lenta.ru reports, siting VK's press release.

The new service will allow third-party sites to place adverts from VKontakte on their own platforms while using the social network's targeting tools such as demographic profiles and user preferences, and pay per clicks using an auction system.

In the first stage, ads from the new service will only be visible to users logged-in to VKontakte, but the system, is expected to be fully functional after two months. Site owners can sign agreements on using the new network using VKontakte's own partner service or third-party service centres. Test participants applications can be filed at VK's Social Tank site.

VKontakte representatives have said earlier that the new system's profitability level will be compared to that of Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. The company also promised its clients would be able to use a bumber of tools, such as retargeting that will allow webstore owners to remind shoppers of the items they have 'forgotten' in their carts, using ads shown on VKontakte.