Mail.Ru to quit Google's search
N 26 November 2012

Mail.Ru to quit Google's search

Mail.Ru Group may stop using Google's search engine early next year, Izvestia reports, citing an unnamed source in the Russian web giant.

Before 2009, Mail.Ru had used Yandex' search engine. In 2010, after six months of negotiations, it signed an agreement with Google. Since then, Google's search processed 60% of the queries, while the remaining 40% (queries in Russian) was handled by Mail.Ru's own engine.

When the company's contract with Google expires in February, Mail.Ru will not extend it, and experts believe the step part of the bigger global expansion plan that was announced recently, when Mail.Ru presented its international brand, According to the agreement, all contextual ads were Google's, and now Mail.Ru will work on its own system, to be headed by Alexey Basov, founder of the contextual advertising service Begun.

The group has also developed Amigo web browser, and will actively promote it once after a testing period. A browser with a pre-installed default Mail.Ru's search system will only help it advance in the market, experts say.

Instead of doing that, however, Mail.Ru may just as well find a search partner to replace Google. No official announcement or comment has been made as yet.