PM instructs government to aid Internet and IT advancement
N 16 January 2013

PM instructs government to aid Internet and IT advancement

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has instructed several government bodies to oversee and stimulate advancement of modern communications and IT in the country. Tasks assigned to various ministries by Medvedev are to be completed by mid-2013.

Firstly, officials were told to aid further expansion and lowering the price of broadband Internet connection. Russia's broadband penetration rate is 50%, while in most developed nations it reaches 60%.

Another task for the government is to come up with ideas about creating 'world-class' research centres on the basis of existing universities and research institutes. The future scientific centres, focusing on IT research, will receive state funding for a term of five years or more. The measure is believed to be able to stop 'brain drain' from Russia and attract more foreign scientists to the country.

As many Russian innovation companies have problems protecting their intellectual property abroad, the government was also told to design a number of measures that will help them protect their inventions globally.

Finally, the state will consider lowering the number of staff members of IT companies applying for insurance cuts; or companies that want to extend these allowances after 2017. Currently, only firms with more that 30 staff member can benefit, while most advanced IT companies only have a handful of employees.