Skolkovo calls robotics conference
N 6 February 2013

Skolkovo calls robotics conference

An international gathering dedicated to robotic technology is to open on 10 February near Moscow. The event, dubbed Skolkovo Robotics International Conference, will feature top international experts, representatives of venture funds and research teams alike.

The conference's partners include the Skolkovo Institute for Science and Technology, Russian Venture Company, Skolkovo Open University, VisionLabs, Moscow's Politechnical museum, and Grishin Robotics, an investment company started by Dmiry Grishin, CEO of the powerful Mail.Ru Group.

The US-based Robot Industry Association predicts there will be about 1.6 million robots a year assembled by 2015. Even now, the combined gross income of the world's robotic industry is about $25 bn a year, the association reports.

"Most of the population in this country live in rather small apartments, so there won't even be enough space for household robots such as the iRobot vacuum cleaner", said Albert Efimov, Skolkovo Director for IT cluster and organiser of the conference, speaking on the future of robotic technology in Russia. On the other hand, Mr. Efimov is sure the country's kitchens will one day be taken over by smart, Internet-connected refrigerators, and that service machines such as hospital or restaurant hosts, waiters, etc., will be increasingly popular in the years to come.