Internet advertising up by 35% in 2012
N 7 February 2013

Internet advertising up by 35% in 2012

Russia's Internet advertising market grew by 35% in 2012, reaching a total of 56.3 bn rubles (roughly $1.9 bn), according to data published by the Association of Communications Agencies of Russia (ACAR). Internet ads thus account for almost 15% of the country's advertising market, being its fastest-growing segment.

Overall, the market grew by 13% in the past year, with the growth rate falling across all segments compared to previous years, with radio adverts being the only exception. "There is no need to talk about a crisis, Sergey Lavrukhin, CEO of RBC Information Systems, told in an interview. Yes, 2012 was not so much of success as 2011, when Internet advertising added as much as 40 or 50%; and it is unlikely the growth will be too fast in 2013, either".

Internet advertising industry's result of 56.3 bn rubles is second only to that of TV ads. Out of various segments of the Internet market, contextual advertising was the fastest-growing, adding 45% to reach a total of 38.4 bn rubles. On-screen advertising grew by 17%, reaching 17.9 bn.

Experts believe Russia's ad market growth will continue to slow down in the future, but expect mobile advertising to make a significant leap.