N 13 February 2013

VKontakte launches retargeting, tests new ad network

VKontakte has made retargeting one of the tools it now offers advertisers, promising the technology will make advertising with Russia's most popular social much more effective.

The tool allows VK's clients to address various specific groups of users from the social networking site's pages. For instance, special ads can be displayed to those who have visited the advertiser's previously, or who have purchased something in a webstore. Earlier this month, a similar retargeting tool was launched by Yandex.

Unofficial sources say VK is also testing a new advertising network that will enable advertisers to publish ads aimed at VK's users on third-party websites. According to Roem.ru, this service, as well as retargeting, is currently only available to major companies who advertise on VKontakte a lot.

Last Autumn, VK executive Ilya Perekopsky said half of the network's income generated by advertising, and that profitability of VK's ad network will rival that of Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords.