N 25 February 2013

Yandex launches own Android app store

Yandex has launched its own mobile app store for devices running on Android OS. Dubbed Yandex.Store, the service is available to users globally and lists more than 50,000 applications. Users can pay for their apps using banking cards or their phone accounts (currently works with Russia's three major mobile operators).

The service is available in Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian, and more languages are planned for the future. Yandex.Money system will take care of payment processing and safety, while a special Anti-Virus SDK programming by Kaspersky Lab will check all apps for possible viruses.

Mobile gadget manufacturers and mobile operators can integrate the new store for free and get a share in the profit, Yandex has said. About half a dozen tablet manufacturers have already agreed to sell their gadgets with Yandex.Store pre-installed. Businesses can also create their own stores on the basis of Yandex's service, with their own showcase and branding, as Megafon mobile operator did, launching its GetUpps store in early February.

Yandex.Store was one of the products the Russian company presented at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The other feature was hte newest version of Yandex.Shell which allows manufacturers and operators to transform Android interface into intuitive 3D one of their own design.