Minister says all smartphones to support GLONASS soon
N 28 February 2013

Minister says all smartphones to support GLONASS soon

GLONASS, a global satellite navigation system developed in Russia, will soon be available to all smartphone users around the world. Speaking at Mobile World Forum in Barcelona, Russia's communications minister Nikolay Nikiforov said mobile chipset manufacturers have agreed to include GLONASS support already this year.

While in Barcelona, Mr. Nikiforov discussed GLONASS' future with the world's leading chipset makers, i.e. Broadcom, Intel, Media Tek and Qualcomm. Many devices already support GLONASS technology, and more and more will join, as manufacturers believe the system to have great prospects in the future.

When used alongside its more known alternative, GPS, GLONASS helps make geographical positioning of mobile devices more precise, and double system chipsets supporting both systems are now becoming a world standard, said Mr. Nikiforov, who hopes GLONASS will soon see mass usage.

Development of GLONASS (stands for Global Navigation Satellite System) began in the Soviet Union in 1976, and the first 'constellation' of its satellites was completed in 1982. In the 2000s, Russian Federal Space Agency began restoration of the system, which had fallen into disrepair with the collapse of Communism. By 2010, GLONASS covered all of Russia's territory, and by late 2011, full global coverage was achieved.

GLONASS gadgets are currently installed on all public transportation vehicles in Moscow, and in the near future Muscovites are expected to be able to track buses and trains progress while awaiting their arrival.