N 14 March 2013

Feature film on Yandex founders production begins

Production has begun for Startup, a feature film based on the story of Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich, the founders of Yandex.

The film is not just about Yandex, but generally illustrates the idea that intellectual work can bring success and prosperity, explained Irina Smolko, the project's producer. The company was granted about 30 interviews with founders of Yandex and other entrepreneurs who started IT businesses back in the 1990ies. "The film is, first of all, about the people who created Russia's no.1 search engine, but there will be touches of other stories, too. So it will be a very vivid film about IT-related business", said Smolko.

The producer said there would be some similarities to Social Network, a film based on the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but as the story is based in Russia's 1990ies, it will be quite different from the American one. Ms. Smolko also denied the project was funded by Yandex. The film's budget, $2 m, comes from the Russian Venture Company, Radius Group and a few private investors.

 Directed by Roman Karimov, Startup may hit Russia's theatres by the end of 2013.