Russian is Internet's no. 2 language
N 25 March 2013

Russian is Internet's no. 2 language

Russian language is the second most used on the Internet after English, according to a study published by W3Techs. Although it outstrips German by less then a percent, it is only used on 5.9% of the world's websites.

More that half Internet pages (54.7%) are in English. German is no. 3, with 5.7%, followed by Spanish (4.7%), French (4.5%), Chinese (4.4%), Japanese (4.2%), Portuguese (2.3%), Polish (1.8%), Italian (1.5%), Turkish (1.4%) and Arabic (1.2%). All the other languages together account for less then 10% of the world's Internet content.

In 2011, Russia's official .ru domain became the most widely used country-code top-level domain, and it has bee improving ever since, W3Techs notes. Russian is used on 89.8% of .ru zone, and 88.7 of .su domain in the countries of the former Soviet Union. In many of these countries, Russian is also the most popular Internet language. It accounts for 79% of all websites in Ukraine, 86.9% in Belarus, 84% in Kazakhstan, 79.6% in Uzbekistan, 75.9% in Kyrgyzstan and 81.8% in Tajikistan.

W3Techs experts also looked at the world's top 1,000 websites in terms of language usage. There, Russian is in the sixth position after English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese.