N 29 March 2013

Major Internet media groups announce merger

Two major Russian Internet media groups, SUP Media and Afisha-Rambler United Company, have announced creation of a partnership. The new company will have the third-largest audience on the Russian Internet, an official press-release stated.

SUP Media is owned by A&NN investment group of Alexander Mamut. Afisha-Rambler is the media asset of another tycoon, Vladimir Potanin. Mr. Mamut will become the new company's managing shareholder and President.

SUP's assets include Gazeta.ru online newspaper, Livejournal.com blogging platform, a sports portal, a social network for sports fans, a car selection site, a travel site, a portal for parents and +SOL ad seller. Afisha+Rambler united company owns Rambler.ru portal, influential Afisha.ru online magazine, Lenta.ru news site, a few more online editions and services, a car sales site and Begun contextual advertising service.

TNS estimates audience of all SUP's project combined reached 24.2 million visitors, while Rambler-Afisha had 25.25 million.