Yandex home page gets new layout
N 8 April 2013

Yandex home page gets new layout

Yandex has switched to a new front page layout, twelfth in the history of Russia's leading search engine. The new layout is "lighter, more streamlined and functional, and presents information in a way that is more convenient" a message fr om Yandex said.

The page now has less text and more free space, some text blocks have been replaced by graphic elements, and similar items are now grouped together, like the 'News' section which now includes both media sources and blogs.

The most popular services, such as Yandex.Mail are now clearly in view, while less often used and specialised features have been moved to the background, Yandex explained. Yandex.Maps usability has been renewed and made handier: users can now find nearest shops, switch to panoramic views or find a taxi on the map in just one click. Users can still change the design according to their needs, moving and removing various blocks of information, adding an deleting widgets from Yandex' catalogue, etc. The company also says the front page now takes less time to load, thanks to a new layout technology.

"Yandex is both a search engine and a point wh ere millions of people enter the Internet. They are used to seeing important information on the page: news, weather forecasts, currency exchange rates, traffic situation, etc. But the more data the is, the harder it is to find one's way through it. The new version has kept search in the limelight, but there is now more space, so that people feel more comfortable coming there again and again", said Vera Leiserovich, head of portal and mobile services at Yandex.

Before opting for the new design, Yandex tested a few experimental versions, showing them to small groups of visitors and then analysing their clicks stats and behaviour.