Experts gather to discuss the state of online payments
N 24 April 2013

Experts gather to discuss the state of online payments

A round-table discussion on the state of electronic payments in Russia took place at last week's RIF+KIB annual Internet industry conference. The meeting was organised by Uniteller acquiring company with support from the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC). Participants included representatives of many online payment service companies.

According to Uniteller's CEO Alexey Bogatkin, 90% of all flight tickets, 80% discount coupons, 70% online games and 60% theatre and movie tickets bought online are paid for with banking cards. Majority of Russians online shoppers, however, still prefer to pay in cash on delivery when buying travel packages or household appliances.

Darya Ogorodnikova, of Robokassa payment processing project, only one in four Internet shoppers pay online, and 65% of them use credit cards or Internet banking services.

Elena Orlova, CEO at PayU, said 70% of Runet's web stores currently allow online payments. PayU's data shows that 63% online shoppers pay with banking cards, 30 to 35% use electronic currencies or Internet banking, 27% transfer the payment from their mobile phone account: via a text message (18%) or a web interface (17%).

Participants of the meeting agreed that Russian consumers have generally "overcome the fear" of Internet payments that they used to have. Uniteller data shows that 24% users made their first electronic within the past year, 40% - between one and three years, and 29% - over three years ago. According to TNS, about 36% Russians have use electronic wallets to pay for products or services at least twice a year. 60% use the e-wallets to pay for mobile connection, 45% - for the Internet, 46% - for online purchases and 30% - for flight and train tickets or community services.