N 8 May 2013

Russian charity website wins Webby Award

Youareblind.com, an online charity project created by the Russian agency Hungry Boys, was awarded a Webby prize in the "Best use of animation and motion graphics" category.

Aimed at raising awareness about the plight of blind children, the site offers its visitors a game, in which they become a visually impaired boy who has to leave home and finds his way to a pharmacy without being hit by a car, etc. All the obstacles the hero has to overcome or avoid are blurry and heavily clouded, so, just like real blind people, they have to rely on the little light they see and their years.

Hungry Boys created the site for a charity fund started by Anna Chapman, a Russian national who was deported from the US after pleading guilty in an espionage case. Dubbed "The Right to Smile", the foundation helps visually impaired adults and children, i.e. funding surgery and other treatment.