N 16 May 2013

Yandex new search platform presented

Russia's leading search engine Yandex has officially announced its new platform, which the company branded "Yandex.Ostrova" (Russian for 'Islands"). According to Yandex, the platforms is designed to 'shorten a user's path from a search query to the goal of their search'.

For the user, Islands look like a collection of widgets, or interactive answers on the search results page. When, for instance, one is looking for a weather broadcast in a particular city, Islands will immediately show the results in a widget. Or, when a user wants to arrange seeing a doctor, the widget will offer them a list of clinics to choose from, a timetable of doctors' consulting hours and availability.

The company said that while developing the new platform, their aim was to let users see the same interface of the search page when viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Platform documents have also been made available to web masters, so any site owner can create and fine-tune their own 'island'.

Islands will be available to the general public in July. A promo can be seen here (Russian only).

In a separate statement, Yandex also said its own branded Yandex.Browser had reached a 5% share of Russia's browser market, and that it would soon be presented as applications for tablets and smartphones.